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Major Ground Firing Tests of the LM-5 Launch Vehicle Completed
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2015-08-26

At 16:35 on August 17, the second firing test of the second core stage power system of the LM-5 launch vehicle was completed in No.101 Institute of the Academy of Aerospace Propulsion Technology, getting very successful. The launch vehicle, developed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, is the most powerful one in payload capacity in China now.

So far, all major ground firing tests of the LM-5 launch vehicle have been completed. The launch vehicle’s rehearsal will be carried out later this year in Hainan Province and its maiden test flight has been scheduled in 2016.

The second firing test of the second core stage power system of the LM-5 launch vehicle is the comprehensive test of such six systems as the second engine, structure, pressurized transferring, control, measurement of the launch vehicle. The first firing test was completed successfully on July 24. The second test would simulate the third phase-launching mission of the lunar exploration program of the LM-5 launch vehicle,having a stranger pertinence.

The second core stage of the LM-5 launch vehicle used for the test is 5 meters in diameter, using non-toxic and non-polluting liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen as a rocket propellant. After the ignition, according to the real time flight sequence, the second core stage’s power system successfully completed two-ignition starting, verifying the correctness of the second core stage module design scheme and the matching of the interface between the systems.

The LM-5 launch vehicle adopted a number of key technologies, including a new power system and new structure. Its new 120 ton liquid oxygen / kerosene, 50 ton hydrogen / oxygen high thrust engine filled the domestic blank, which would greatly improve our country’s payload capacity.

The technical difficulty for the development of the LM-5 launch vehicle is the first in China's launch vehicle development history. In addition, the development of the LM-5 launch vehicle led to the development of a series of basic technology, including the new material molding, machining and the precision manufacturing of large complex structures and so on, laying the foundation for the further application of new high-strength, light materials in our country.