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More than 10 Models of Weapons and Equipment Developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Taking Part in Parade
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2015-09-25

September 3, 2015 the Anti-Japanese War victory day parade was held in Beijing Tiananmen Square to commemorate the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War 70th anniversary of the victory. More than 10 models of weapons and equipment developed and produced by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation were taking part in the parade.

Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party, President of the People's Republic, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered an important speech at Tiananmen Gate and inspected marching group and equipment group. Then the magnificent victory parade began.

At 11:20 am, When the 6 missile squads of the Second Artillery in the parade were majestically passing through Tiananmen Square, the audience responded with warm applause. These weapons and equipment are developed and produced by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The inspected missiles had an unprecedented number, including short-, medium- and long- range missiles, nuclear and new different missile echelons, showing the corporation's strong capability to develop missile weapons and equipment.

The Dongfeng 15B missile in the first group of conventional missiles has capability to conduct the quick strike, continuous assault and efficient damage. It is our vanguard weapon to implement the medium-and short-range precision military strike. In the nuclear and conventional missiles side team there were Dongfeng 26 missiles which could conduct the mobile launch and implement the quick nuclear counterattack. This kind of missiles also could carry out the regular medium- and long-range precision strike to the important onshore targets and the large and middle scale ships. The missiles are our new "killer" weapons.

Following the first nuclear missile side team, the inspected Dongfeng 31A solid intercontinental ballistic missile has a long-range, high mobile ability and high informatization. It could conduct effective nuclear deterrence and nuclear counterattack mission and it is the backbone weapon to safeguard national security and world peace. The Dongfeng 5B multiple independently re-entry vehicle intercontinental strategic nuclear missiles were arranged in the strategic strike group. The missile, with more MIRVs, strong penetration ability and big damage power, is a strong shield to safeguard national sovereignty and defend the dignity of our nation.

In addition, the inspected ship-to-air missiles are the third generation of ship-based medium- and long- range area air defense missiles developed by China itself. The missiles are characterized by large anti-airspace, and strong anti-jamming and anti-multi-target attacking ability. The UAV side team is the longest and most exclusive side team in inspected formation, among which there were UAV developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). The military equipment in this side team is the latest UAV, which is all-weather unmanned reconnaissance vehicle.

As a developer and producer of all strategic missile weapon systems and some tactical missiles, CASC has a total of more than 10 weapon models and hundreds of equipped vehicles taking part in the parade, including ship to air missiles, surface to air missiles, conventional missiles, nuclear and conventional missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition to missile weaponry display, the Beidou high-precision positioning measurement technology, weather support technology, a live television broadcast equipment and security broadcasting support measurements provided by CASC also contributed to the parade, effectively ensuring the smooth progress of the parade. It is worth mentioning that the air echelon helicopter of the parade hoisted two flags flying over Tiananmen Square at 180 km per hour. This is the first time that China has such a huge banner hanging and at such a high speed flying show. The huge national flag and army flag were manufactured using the Shenzhou spacecraft returned landing parachute techniques.