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China to Develop New Space Transportation System
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2016-06-12

BEIJING, June 8 (China Space News) —  China will conduct comprehensive research on a new-generation space transportation system to improve its capability of space access, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) recently.

Long March 5 rocket, which will make its maiden flight soon, made a series of breakthroughs with its new-type engine. The technique will also pave the way for the next Long March rockets.

China will continue to carry out many major innovation tasks, including launches of the Long March 5 and 7 rockets, Tiangong 2 space lab and Shenzhou 11 spacecraft. In addition, the Gaofen-3 and Fengyun-4, new-types of remote sensing satellites, and quantum science satellites will be unveiled soon.