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China to Launch New Carrier Rocket
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2016-06-24

BEIJING, June 24 (China Space News) —  China plans to launch its new generation Long March-7 carrier rocket between Saturday and Wednesday from a new launch ground in south China, according to the manned space engineering office on Wednesday.

The rocket was vertical when taken to the launch pad in journey that took three hours this morning.

The Long March-7 is a medium-sized rocket using liquid propellant that can carry up to 13.5 tonnes to low-Earth orbit. It will transport cargo for China's planned space station and is expected to become the main carrier for space launches.

The rocket arrived at Wenchang in south China's Hainan Province in May for final assembly and testing.

This will be the first launch from Wenchang, the fourth launch site in China. Its construction was completed in November 2014.