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CASC Releases 2010 CSR Report
    UPDATED: 2011-08-04
BEIJING, Aug 4. (China Space News) — China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) released its 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report on its official website — www.spacechina.com on July 29.

The Report mainly describes CASC's social responsibilities and performance over the past year. According to relevant officials, it is the first CSR report ever published by CASC.

As a leading force in China's aerospace industry, CASC is constructing a new aerospace industrial system to facilitate the development of its major business areas, i.e. space systems, defense systems, space technology applications and space services, positively promote international exchanges and cooperation, sincerely dedicate itself to innovation, exploration and rapid development, and build itself into a leading international aerospace group, thus making new contributions to the national modernization and mankind's peaceful use of outer space.