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System Solution of Robotic Arm for China's Space Station Passes Evaluation
    UPDATED: 2011-08-02
BEIJING, July 29 (China Space News) — The system solution for China's space station's robotic arm, developed by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), has passed a comprehensive evaluation, laying a solid foundation for the final completion of the space station.

The robotic arm is one of the three key technologies involved in a space station, which is significant not only to construction operations but also to the on-orbit maintenance support of the station.

CAST together with other institutions that specialize in robotic technology in China, began research and design of the principle prototype of the robotic arm four years ago.

Since then CAST has been engaged in building the prototype, and has finished the robotic arm system solution, designed relevant sub-systems, and developed the integrated joints for the robotic arm, making over 10 key technological breakthroughs in the process.