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Popular Science Book on China's Manned Space Flight Launched
    UPDATED: 2011-07-21
BEIJING, July 18 (China Space News) — A popular science book series China's Manned Space Flight was launched on July 15 at the China Science and Technology Museum.

It took over 100 scientists five years to complete the series, and it gives readers an all-round introduction of China's Manned Space Program and manned space flight technologies for the first time, according to the editors of the series.

Zhao Yuqi, deputy chief engineer of China's Manned Space Program delivered a speech about manned space flight, with a focus on China's space module Tiangong-1, at the launch.

Books were given to seven middle and primary schools during the event.

Published by China Astronautic Publishing House, the series consists of seven volumes, covering subjects such as China's astronauts, manned spacecraft and launch vehicles.