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CGWIC Showcases Aerospace Products at Int'l Paris Air Show
    UPDATED: 2011-06-27
BEIJING, June 24 (China Space News) —The 49th International Paris Air Show kicked off on June 20 in Paris, with China Great Wall Industry Cooperation (CGWIC) exhibiting a broad spectrum of aerospace products there.

CGWIC, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is among the first Chinese enterprises to take part in the Paris air show, which is one of the biggest and most well-regarded air shows in the world.

CGWIC exhibited a variety of products developed by CASC at the show, giving particular emphasis to its launch vehicles and satellite platforms, including the Long March-3B, Long March-2D, Long March-4B carriers, and DFH-4 and CAST2000 platforms. CGWIC also displayed models of the DFH-5 satellite and Long March-5 launch vehicle, which will soon enter the commercial launch service market.

The hyperspectral observation satellite, Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) and HJ-1 satellite were also showcased at CGWIC's booth, highlighting the increasingly important role played by China's remote-sensing satellites in environmental protection and disaster monitoring.

At the exhibition, visitors could also learn more about Chang'e-2 lunar probe, China's lunar lander and rover, TianGong-1 target spacecraft, China's space station and the Mars orbiter, Yinghuo-1.