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Possible Names for China's Cargo Spacecraft Unveiled
    UPDATED: 2011-06-02
BEIJING, June 1 (China Space News) — A list of 30 possible names for China's cargo spacecraft has been unveiled, according to a news release by China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO).

Organized by CMSEO and co-sponsored by China Space News, an activity to seek names and logos from the public for the China Manned Space Engineering Program was launched on Apr. 26. A total of 9,640 eligible suggestions for the name of China's cargo spacecraft had been received May 20, of which 30 were short-listed.

From May 26, the public has been able to vote for their favorite name by logging onto www.cmse.gov.cn, www.spacechina.com, or www.qq.com. The winning name for the cargo spaceship will be announced no later than the beginning of July.

People can still submit their suggested names and logos for China Manned Space Engineering Program, the space station, the core module, and two experimental modules of the space station before July 25 through the above websites.