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Chinese Society of Astronautics Re-elects Council Members
    UPDATED: 2011-05-04
BEIJING, May 4 (China Space News) — The 6th National Congress of the Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA) opened on April 28 in Beijing. The 6th Executive Council and the new leading body of CSA were elected and Ma Xingrui, president of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) was re-elected as the head of the Council.

As chairman of the 5th Council of CSA, Ma delivered a work report at the convention that summarized CSA's achievements over the last five years, analyzed the new circumstances the society was dealing with at home and abroad, and conveyed an action plan for the new Council.

At the first session of the 6th National Congress of CSA, a new Executive Council was elected comprised of Cao Jianlin, Yin Hejun, Yang Changfeng, Wang Zhaoyao, Wang Shuguo, Jiang Chengyu, Hu Haiyan, Lei Fanpei, Gao Hongwei, Yuan Jiajun, Li Yue, Wu Yansheng, Cao Jianguo, Yuan Jie and Xie Lianggui, with Yang Junhua appointed as deputy chairman and secretary-general and Ma Xingrui appointed chairman.

It was reported earlier that the 64th International Astronautical Congress would be hosted by CSA in Beijing in 2013. Following the 47th International Astronautical Congress in 1996, it is the second time for China to host the highly regarded conference.