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China's New-generation Weather Satellite Put into Service
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2017-10-13

BEIJING, Oct. 9 (China Space News) -- Fengyun-4A satellite, the first of China's second-generation geostationary orbiting weather satellites, was put into operation Monday, said the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence.

Tests on the satellite platform, payload and ground application system have been completed during its in-orbit operation, the administration said in a statement.

The satellite has helped improve the country's weather and climate forecasts, and test results during its in-orbit operation have met targets, it said.

Its successful operation enables China to become a leader in developing geostationary orbiting weather satellites, according to the statement.

The satellite was launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Dec. 11, 2016.