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CASC to Host 2018 International Symposium on the Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Aerospace Industry
SOURCE: CASC     UPDATED: 2018-08-27

BEIJING, Aug. 27 (China Space News) --The 2018 International Symposium on Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing Technology aims to explore the development trend of advanced manufacturing technologies, exchange the methods and concepts to enhance aerospace manufacturing capabilities, and accelerate the industrial and manufacturing capabilities of the aerospace industry.

The conference will be hosted by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and its purpose is to "Capture the strategic direction and key trends in the development of advanced aerospace manufacturing technology, encourage open innovation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and enhance capabilities."

The seminar will invite academicians, professors, well-known scholars in the field of advanced manufacturing, senior executives of high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, as well as experts and practitioners in the field of aerospace manufacturing and technology to conduct exchanges and discussions.

To register for the symposium, visit Symposium invitation.