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Space Tech-based Robots Amaze Visitors at World Robot Conference
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2019-08-29

BEIJING, August 25 (China Space News) -- The 2019 World Robot Conference (WRC) started Tuesday in Chinese capital Beijing.

A novel patrol and security robot, a dog-like robot that can perform tasks in complex and harsh environments, intelligent searching and environment perception robotic systems....robots designed by CALT on display during this year’s World Robot Conference event, have caught many visitors' eyes.

Based on a complicated rocket controlling system and its strong data processing ability, CALT also developed a cloud platform that can act as the "general director" for the management of a team of robots.

The cloud platform gathers operating data of multiple robots and analyzes the data in real time, allowing users to monitor the robots and quickly spot malfunctions through an app.

Themed "Intelligent Ecosystem for a New Open Era," this year's WRC attracted 180 research institutions and robotics companies around the world.