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Third Long March-5 Rocket Transported to Hainan
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2019-10-29

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (China Space News)  -- The third Long March-5 rocket, China's largest carrier rocket, was transported to Qinglan Port in Wenchang in south China's Hainan Province Sunday, according to the China National Space Administration.

China will choose an ideal time to launch the rocket after it completes assembly and a series of tests.

Two rocket-carrying ships, Yuanwang-21 and Yuanwang-22, departed north China's Tianjin Port on Oct. 22. Successfully navigating complex sea conditions, they arrived at Qinglan Port after a five-day journey.

The third rocket will be transported by road to the Wenchang Space Launch Center, and the preparations for the launch mission will be carried out as planned.

The success of the flight is key to China's future space missions including the Chang'e-5 probe and China's first Mars probe.