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China's first aircraft with high-speed internet services takes flight
SOURCE: CASC     UPDATED: 2020-07-16

China's first aircraft to offer high-speed internet services made its maiden flight on July 7.

Qingdao Airlines flew passengers from Qingdao City to Chengdu City, and during their trip, they were able to watch high-definition videos and make video calls at 10,000 meters in the air.

A live broadcast was also conducted during the flight, the first of its kind in China's civil aviation history. The passengers onboard have video connected with people on the ground and shared aerial images in real time. 

The aircraft provides internet access with bandwidth of up to 150 megabytes per second by using China's high-throughput communications satellite Zhongxing-16.

The satellite resource is provided by China Satellite Communications Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.