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China's new powerful solid rocket engine conducts test run
SOURCE: CGTN     UPDATED: 2021-01-07

China successfully conducted a test run of its new huge solid rocket booster engine in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, on Wednesday.

The three-stage booster engine with a diameter of 3.2 meters is currently the most powerful solid rocket engine with the largest thrust, diameter, explosive payload and the longest ignition time in China.

The test is to verify whether the engine meets the design requirements before it formally undertakes space launch missions.

Developed by the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology, the booster engine adopts a three-stage design that is able to adjust the explosive payload for different thrusts. It has a maximum thrust of 260 tons.

It is expected to be applied to the country's large and heavy rockets to conduct space missions including manned moon landing and deep space exploration.