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Belarus Communications Satellite Project Launched in Beijing
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2013-02-18

BEIJING, Feb. 4 (China Space News) — Belarus will be the first country in Europe to receive a China-made satelitte after a communications satellite contract took effect on January 29.

The contract is between Belarus and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

A ceremony was held in Beijing on the day the contract came into effect.

Gurulev Sergei Petrovich, Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus, Burya Victor Pavlovich, Belarus' ambassador to China and Ma Xingrui, President of CASC attended the ceremony.

According to the contract, CASC will manufacture a communications satellite for Belarus based on its Dongfanghong-4 satellite platform and launch the satellite using a Long March-3C rocket.

CASC will also provide a package of services for Belarus concerning the operation of the satellite. As part of this deal, CASC will build a ground station and application facilities as well as train Belarusian technicians.