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The DFH-5 Satellite Platform Entered Engineering Stage
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2015-06-05

BEIJING, June 5. (China Space News) — Recently, the DFH-5 satellite platform, being developed by CAST (China Academy of Space Technology) of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), was formally approved by National Defense Science and Industry Bureau and the Ministry of Finance, which marks that the development of the DFH-5 satellite bus entered the engineering implementation stage.

The DFH-5 satellite platform is a large trussed satellite platform of new-generation, developed by China itself. Its technical specifications reached an advanced world level. The DFH-5 has a launch mass of 8000 kg, payload of 1500 kg, providing 18 kilowatts payload power, high load, high power, high heat dissipation, long life, scalability, etc., using a truss structure, high power distribution systems, advanced electronics and integrated multi-mode high-thrust electric propulsion and other advanced technology to meet the needs of communications and other devices.

Related exports believe that the development of the DFH-5 platform will lead the technical innovation of the design and manufacture of spacecrafts and other relevant areas, promoting the upgrading of the our large satellite platform, supporting the development of civil space infrastructure and aerospace equipment, and creating new advantages in international commercial satellite market competition. It is planed to use 40 months to complete the prototype development of the platform, striving to achieve the overall objective of the 2018 launch of the first satellite.