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CASC Tianjin Large Spacecraft AIT Center Starting Operation
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2015-06-10

Recently a large spacecraft AIT Center built by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation at Tianjin had greeted the first “guest”. The assembly work for the spacecraft is in order, which marked that Tianjin Large Spacecraft AIT Center came into operation.

According to spacecraft Assembly, test and other processes and on the basis of the module design concept for the scientific research, assembly, test, large test and professional test, the AIT Center established an assembly area, test area and big test area. It is equipped with an advanced transfer and transportation platform, automatic storehouse system, IT assembly station and independently developed large test equipment under construction, including KM8, 140 tons vibration table and so on, which will meet the needs of the assembly, test and other work of our follow-up large spacecraft. After the construction is completed, the Center will be responsible for the assembly, integration and test of China's manned space station and other large spacecraft.