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The LM-7 Launch Vehicle Making its Maiden Flight Next Year
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2015-06-17

Recently, the joint assessment for the LM-7 carrier rocket was passed through by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), transferring from its prototype development into the sample development phase. This marks the LM-7 product technical status has been determined. And the next stage development of the LM-7 will center on its production, assembly and testing.

At the meeting, the assessment team of experts watched the prototype development summary video, listened to the related reports and believed that according to the development requirements, the prototype development work of the LM-7 launch vehicle had been completed, the sample technical status had been determined and it could be transferred to the sample development stage.

The LM-7 launch vehicle will be the new generation medium-sized rocket carrier with high reliability and high security, which is developed in order to meet the needs of China's manned space station program to launch cargo spacecraft and to meet China’s future manned launch vehicle replacement demand.