Earth resources satellites
China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
The Earth resources satellite cooperatively developed by China and Brazil was successfully launched on October 14, 1999. The satellite was equipped with a CCD camera of five bands, an infrared scanner of four bands and a wide-view camera. The satellite platform can be suitable to multipurpose sun-synchronous satellites. It has a strong autonomous capability and a high precision attitude control system. The satellite has played a vital role in environment monitoring, disaster prevention and reduction, comprehensive survey of land and resources. With continuous improvement, China and Brail has developed and launched another two Earth resources satellites in cooperation.

Environment and Disaster Observing Satellite System
HJ-1 constellation system consists of two small optical remote sensing satellites (HJ-1A/B satellites), and one small radar satellite (HJ-1C satellite). It can provide all-day, all-weather Earth observation, catch the information about the disaster and the environment rapidly and accurately, and learn the occurrence, development and evolvement of natural disaster and environmental pollution timely and comprehensively. It will provide scientific decision-making for environment protection, and improve the integrative disaster and environment protection.

Environment and Disaster Observing Satellite System was separated into two phases. In the first phase, HJ-1 constellation system is to be finished to form the ability of disasters and environment observation. In the second phase, a "four plus four" constellation consisting of four optical satellites and four small radar satellites is to be finished to dynamically monitor disasters and environment in China and the world.

China has also developed several other types of Earth resources satellites, including optical imaging satellite, synthetic aperture radar imaging satellite, and etc, with various resolutions.

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