Satellite Communications
·Purpose of the Service
Based on years of practice, China DBSat dedicates itself in perfecting its service system which enables customers to enjoy all-around and first-class services covering design, evaluation, integration and operation of satellite networks. The company is capable in providing advanced, reliable, complete and dedicated satellite communications solutions to meet customers'diversified requirements.
·Content of the Service
(1) Full-time satellite bandwidth leasing;
(2) Occasional satellite bandwidth leasing;
(3) Satellite communications network integration service;
(4) Satellite communications network superintendence service;
(5) Satellite communications network maintenance service;
(6) Satellite communications uplink service;
(7) Satellite communications technical consulting service and on spot technical support service.
·Characteristics of the Service
(1) Full-time satellite bandwidth leasing;
China DBSat offers customers flexible package for full-time satellite bandwidth leasing via high-quality C-band, Ku-band and extended C-band GEO satellites covering China and neighboring countries. whole transponder leasing, whether lifetime or fixed term, can facilitate customers to maximize the power of transponder, efficiently arrange its business, and fractional transponder leasing enables customer to flexibly choose bandwidth to adjust to its changing requirements in different period.
(2) Occasional satellite bandwidth leasing;
China DBSat provides cost-effective and flexible total solution package for customers who have needs for ondemand video, voice and data communications. Customers can temporarily book or select fixed-period leasing of transponder bandwidth;
(3) Integration, operation, maintenance and superintendence of satellite communications network;
China DBSat provides users with turnkey solutions including system design, equipment stock, project execution, staff training, system operation and maintenance; With abundant experiences accumulated through long-term satellite system operations, the company is capable in providing customers with integrated services through combining its transponder resources together with the customers' network design, development, operation and management.
(4) Satellite communications uplink service;
Through years of development and accumulation, China DBSat's satellite ground stations in Dongbeiwang and Shahe have become advanced teleports bundled with rich fiber and satellite resources. The share-hub can transmit satellite signals of different frequency, different power and different bandwidth, and set up satellite communications system for customer efficiently.
(5) Satellite communications consulting service;
China DBSat is capable to provide reliable and professional satellite communications consulting services, including satellite resources selection, satellite network design, satellite ground equipment selection, satellite communications system construction, and so on.

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