Software Technology — Shenzhou AVIDM

·General Introduction
Shenzhou AVIDM enterprise-class collaborative product development management system (Shenzhou AVIDM) is entire life cycle management software for complex products development, which constructs a general integrated distributed integrated system platform and collaborative work environment from products design, production, and trial to control stage for users.
·Purpose of the Service
Taking IT as the core and project management as the main line, relying on technical process and plan process, aiming to meet the national defense and military technology complex product technical status management, Shenzhou AVIDM's purpose is to fundamentally change traditional design and production management model of enterprises, and build for enterprises a Web-based, general integrated from design, production to management distributed integrated system platform and collaborative work environment. In this way it can not only effectively strengthen enterprises internal collaboration, and enhance rapid response on market demands, but also can further improve products quality, shorten product development cycle and reduce development costs and laid solid technical foundation for enterprises future fast development.
·Content of the Service
Shenzhou AVIDM has actualized documents data management during product entire life cycle by the strict authority control and flexible sharing mechanism, complex products data management by product structure tree, and the enterprise internal special business flow management by customized work flows. Besides it also provides rich application groupware including life cycle management, the integrated interface of applied software such as CAD/ CAE/CAM/CAPP/ERP, visualized tools, collaborative design supporting tools, thus provides technologies and methods for realization of products data in entire life cycle and process management and products collaborative research. Furthermore, Shenzhou AVIDM comes true with a digital collaborative work environment for products research in group level depending on functions of the trans-regions flows approval, data sharing and publishing.
·Characteristics of the Service
(1) Easy maintenance: Web-based multi-layers groupware type platform structure;
(2) Processing capacity: to provide system services, data and electronic warehouse distribution of multi-levels;
(3) Collaboration: to provide a variety of network-based collaborative work support;
(4) Standardization: to take widespread adoption of popular international standards and support industrial standard;
(5) Security: the overall security system.

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