Software Technology — Shenzhou Safety Database Management System Services
·General Introduction
Shenzhou safety database management system is enterprise-class high security large general relationship type database management system developed by Shenzhou Software under 863 national specialized supports, possessed with independent intellectual property rights. In aspects of function, performance, practicality, stability, security as well as expansibility, it leads domestic level, and is applied successfully by hundreds of units in such key industrial departments as military, government and aerospace. At present Shenzhou database takes products as the core and provides for application system a series of safe data management services.
·Purpose of the Service
Relying on aerospace, with aim of defense, military, e-government and enterprises, oriented to market, the company developed and sold safe database product with independent intellectual property rights and relevant data services of data storage, data mining, data retrieval; provided various IT solutions on the basis of safe database product, provided related technical support and consultations in database field.
·Content of the Service
(1) To provide database software products and related data services including: construction of Shenzhou-based IT and database software technical support services;
(2) To provide database software support of high grade system establishment, and help achieve high-level security systems;
(3) To provide safe database-based application system development support including database support to similar to PDM, OA, and financial management system;
(4) To provide in infomationization construction the database scheme advisory services.
·Characteristics of the Service
(1) High reliability: system supports functions of double-computers heat backup and return to any time, fully and effectively protects data security;
(2) High security: the product has obtained the 3rd grade standard authentication of public safety industry standard GA/T 389-2002 "technical requirement of computer information system security level protection database management system" and PLA military B-level security certification;
(3) Good standardization: highly complied with ODBC / JDBC / SQL standards, the system can be quickly used to build applications;
(4) Leading product technology: the company has declared 14 and received five invention patents and the application of these technologies significantly enhances product performance;
(5) Good cross-platform and transplanting: support Windows, Linux, Unix system and support 2 sets of developing platforms of net and java. Under the support of professional product development team, Shenzhou software can provide in-depth all around database services.

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