FY Meteorological Satellite Providing Meteorological Services for Earthquake Disaster Relief
SOURCE:China Space News UPDATED:30 Apr 2015

April 25, the magnitude 8.1 Earthquake occurred in Nepal, affecting Tingri County of Xigaze city, Kuala County, Nyalam County, and other places in Tibet, China. During the earthquake disaster relief, Fengyun series meteorological satellites developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation carried out the intensive observation of the earthquake affected areas, providing important meteorological support services for disaster relief.

Due to the complex and changeable weather in disaster areas, landslides, mudslides, avalanches and other secondary derivative disasters occurred many times, the disaster was further developed in 8 prefectures including Xigaze and Ali, and the disaster relief situation was grim

National Satellite Meteorological Center used the FY-2 F satellite to carry out the intensive observation of earthquake affected areas every six minutes, pay close attention to weather changes and provide meteorological data support for making the disaster affected area meteorological service special report and publishing earthquake area weather trend.

Due to the avalanche danger and a large area of snow in the earthquake zone, National Satellite Meteorological Center used the medium resolution imaging spectrometer of the FY-3C satellite to monitor the snow in earthquake areas, producing the satellite remote sensing snow coverage picture and surface monitoring map of the earthquake zone, and measure snow coverage areas of counties in the earthquake zone.

As at 18:00 on the 26th, the snow monitoring bulletin 2 of the earthquake zone had been released, including 10 snow images, 6 satellite images and 15 environmental disaster mitigation satellite images, providing an effective meteorological reference materials for the earthquake disaster relief work.

In addition, China Meteorological Administration also received and processed data through satellite broadcasting system receiving stations, and meteorological data comprehensive analysis and processing system. We used China’s meteorological foreign aid system, including the quick cloud pictures displaying system of the FY meteorological satellite to provide meteorological support services for Nepal earthquake disaster relief. Currently, FY-2 and FY-3 satellites are continuing to monitor the weather change in the disaster area, providing meteorological basis for disaster relief work.

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