Talented Personnel

Current Situation:
By the end of 2009, CASC had more than 140 thousand employees in total, including 33 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 34 national experts with outstanding contributions, 67 national-level members of the state's "Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project for the New Century", more than 2,100 recipients of special government allowance, 7 winners of "China Grand Skill Award", 78 winners of "National Technical Experts", and about 480 winners of "Aerospace Skill Award" and "Aerospace Technical Experts".

The Construction of the Talented Personnel:

Boldly Selecting Young Cadres, Greatly Making the Ranks of Cadres Younger in Average Age
Adhering to the employment standard of "having both political integrity and professional competence and taking political integrity first", following the reform principle of democracy, openness, competition, and selecting excellent ones, and centering on the strategic development requirement, CASC has been carefully selecting cadres with strong sense of dedication and responsibility and outstanding ability and achievements to enter into leading bodies, performing open selection and competition for posts and other competitive methods for selecting cadres, and reinforcing cadres' exchange and training. As a result, the structure of leading groups is continuously optimized and their vitality is enhanced, and cohesion, creativity and leading capacity are improved. By the end of 2009, 59% of the leading members in the academies, companies and units subordinated to CASC have a Master's degree or above, 30% are under 45 years old, and half of the administrative chiefs in research institutes are under 45 years old.

CASC has arranged well-grounded young technicians who have both ability and political integrity to participate in the research and development of major projects in a planned and conscious way to identify talents as early as possible. In line with the thinking of "replenishing the talent pool with each new stage of a project", CASC carries out a "Talent Relay Program". Breaking through the age, qualification and experience limitations, CASC elects talented people with a high-level technology, great development potential, and strong innovation ability as chief designers and chief commanders of projects to help them grow in practice. Among the more than 300 chief and deputy-chief designers and chief commanders of CASC, 63.4% of them have a Master's degree or above, and 60% are under 45 years old.

Speeding up the Introduction of High-level Persons through More Channels
The standard and ratio of receiving university graduates are determined according to the industry characteristics and employment situation. "CASC Scholarship" has been established in 31 famous universities to improve the Corporation's cooperation with domestic famous universities and its overall influence. Since 2001, CASC has held many job fairs in more than 20 key colleges and universities nationwide, recruiting a large number of excellent employees. Since its foundation, CASC has introduced more than 26,000 university graduates, more than 1,200 of whom are doctoral students, more than 10,000 are post-graduates and more than 13,000 are undergraduates.

Establishing and Perfecting Incentive and Guarantee Mechanism for Talented Persons
Since its founding CASC has been actively promoting the reform of the salary system and constantly perfecting the income distribution and incentive mechanism. Adhering to giving priority to efficiency, taken account of fairness, CASC is actively exploring ways to realize a mode of distribution in which both the elements of production and contributions can participate, and to establish a distribution and incentive system that takes post performance salary as the mainstay, combines salary with work achievements and encourages innovation. CASC has set up a post coefficient salary system in its affiliated companies and a post performance salary system in its affiliated institutions. CASC has implemented annual salary checking of persons in charge of the main subsidiary units, initially set up a scientific evaluation system, and reasonably determined their pay level based on the business achievements. CASC has standardized the performance assessment of managers working in listed companies, strengthened management of their salary, and mobilized their enthusiasm and innovation to increase economic returns. Efforts have also been made to set up the security system for all kinds of talented people including the old-age, unemployment, on-job injury, and medical insurances and to advance the annuity and supplementary medical insurance programs so as to solve problems in their daily lives.

Building Up a Comprehensive Human Resources Management System
Taking the reform as a power and the mechanism innovation as the core, CASC has been making great efforts to create the environment and conditions that are advantageous to help outstanding talents, and establish an effective mechanism conducive to tap persons' potentiality, stimulate persons' vigor, develop persons' intelligence and cultivate persons' creativity.

CASC has strengthened the construction of the policies, regulations and the system of human resources in a well-organized and planned way, drawn up a few administrative measures and regulations concerning talent selection, training, attraction, and management, including "Regulations on the Management of Leading Cadres", "Administrative Measures for Selection and Management of Experts", "Administrative Measures for Introducing College Graduates", "Regulations on the Training and Education of Employees", and "Administrative Measures for Labor Cost", and initially established a market-oriented mechanism with aerospace characteristics for selecting and hiring employees, a scientific evaluation mechanism, a professional training mechanism and a standardized supervision and control mechanism, forming a talent management system which can meet the requirements of aerospace development, laying a solid foundation for the standardization, institution, and legislation of talent development and management, and creating a favorable policy environment for the development of various kinds of talented persons.

Strengthening the Development of Talent Resources Capacity
Focusing on the strategy for the development of talented persons, creating a good environment for respecting labor, talented people, knowledge, and creation, and taking "improving the quality" as the core, CASC will strengthen the training of various talented persons and put an emphasis on the improvement of leading cadres' strategic capability.

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