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Chinese Satellite Conducts Groundbreaking Space Science Experiments
SOURCE: China Space News     UPDATED: 2016-04-21

BEIJING, Apr. 12 (China Space News) —  A Chinese scientific research satellite has been conducting a series of experiments studying microgravity and space life science since it was successfully launched into orbit on Wednesday.

The retrievable satellite, SJ-10, provides a great platform for experiments conducting under the continuous low gravity conditions, according to Wang Shuangfeng, a researcher from the Institute of Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Wang said the experiments and their fundamental research are of significant meaning, particularly for the safety of crews in spaceflight.

"In terms of practical application, we can provide a scientific foundation for China's manned missions, spacecraft, and fire prevention of the space station in the future," said Wang, who is in charge of a study on the combustion of non-metal materials under microgravity.

The SJ-10 probe will repeat the combustion experiment eight times in order to provide reliable data for the fire prevention of the space station.

While in space, the bullet-shaped probe will house 19 experiments including microgravity fluid physics, the effect of space material and space radiation, as well as the biological effects of microgravity and space bio-technology, before returning to Earth with the results.