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Small Satellite Forum Kicked off in Beijing
    UPDATED: 2011-11-29
BEIJING, Nov. 25 (China Space News) — A high-end forum on the development of small satellites was opened on Nov. 22 in Beijing. The meeting focused on building a platform for technological exchanges and knowledge sharing -- with academics Wang Renxiang, Pan Delu and Ye Peijian each presenting special reports.

The forum coincided with the 10th anniversary of China Spacesat Co., Ltd. and the 15th years since China began to develop modern small satellites, according to the organizing committee of event. Over the past 10 years, small satellites have become integral to the development of China's aerospace equipment system and its civil service sector.

As China's main manufacturer of small satellites, China Spacesat has launched 24 small satellites successfully in a row. The company currently can roll out up to 10 small satellites per year and has exported small satellites to foreign countries.