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China solicits names for lunar lander and manned spacecraft
SOURCE: CCTV+     UPDATED: 2023-09-01

As China carried out its crewed lunar exploration program, the engineering office of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) is soliciting names in public for the moon surface lander and a new generation of manned spacecraft.

The solicitation for name suggestions was revealed by the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), which will last till September 30.

The CMSA said that as a guide, the names should fully reflect the core values and related elements of manned spaceflight and highlight China's intelligent manufacturing.

China plans to land its taikonauts on the moon before 2030 to carry out scientific exploration, according to a preliminary plan released by the CMSA.

The plan is to launch two carrier rockets to send a lunar lander and a manned spacecraft to a lunar orbit, respectively. The craft and lunar lander will rendezvous and dock with each other, and then taikonauts will enter the lander.

As the lunar lander descends and arrives at the preset area on the lunar surface, taikonauts will carry out scientific tasks and collect samples.

After completing the planned tasks, taikonauts will return to the lander, which will lift them back to the lunar orbit to dock with their spacecraft.

In the final step, the spacecraft will fly taikonauts back to Earth with lunar samples.

The new generation of crewed spacecraft will comprise an escape tower, a re-entry capsule, and a service capsule and employ module designs that can satisfy the needs of both near-Earth and deep-space explorations.

The landing rover will consist of two parts - a landing section and a propulsion section, and can send two taikonauts to the lunar surface at the same time.