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China unveils six new solid rocket engines for high-quality aerospace development
SOURCE: CCTV+     UPDATED: 2023-10-24
China on Friday unveiled six new solid rocket engines and their spectra, opening up a new chapter of high-quality development of the country's commercial aerospace sector.

In a solid rocket, the fuel and oxidizer are mixed together into a solid propellant that is packed into a solid cylinder.

The customized solid rocket motors, each measuring 1.2 meters to 3.5 meters in diameters, are able to send payloads of 200kg to 4,200kg to a sun-synchronous orbit.

"The power products feature high reliability, safety, functionality and strong adaptability to environment. They will be applied to the Long March-11 carrier rocket and Long March 6A carrier rocket, mainly for launches of commercial satellites," said Bai Yanjun, vice president of the Xi'an-based Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology (AASPT), one of the developers of the new products.