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First images released from China's Fengyun 3F satellite
SOURCE: chinadaily.com.cn     UPDATED: 2023-11-16
The first images from Fengyun 3F satellite were released to the public at the 2023 Fengyun Satellite User Conference on Monday.

All remote-sensing instruments have been put into operation, marking the satellite proceeding to the in-orbit testing phase, the China Meteorological Administration said.

The satellite will provide support for global environmental monitoring and disaster prevention, the administration added.

Hu Xiuqing, chief engineer of the Fengyun 3F ground system, said the next step will involve promoting the sharing of information and data worldwide.

It is expected that the Fengyun 3F satellite will begin trial operations in March next year and provide global data services.

Launched on Aug 3, the Fengyun 3F is the successor to Fengyun 3C and is also a sun-synchronous satellite. It will carry out global atmospheric and environmental monitoring. Compared to Fengyun 3C, the measurement accuracy and stability of it have improved.