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China's L-SAR 01 satellite group put into use
SOURCE: xinhua     UPDATED: 2024-01-05

China's L-SAR 01 satellite group has been officially put into use after completing in-orbit tests, according to the China National Space Administration on Friday.

China's L-SAR 01 is a satellite group composed of two satellites equipped with L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR), namely the L-SAR 01A and the L-SAR 01B.

The SAR is a microwave-imaging radar system that emits electromagnetic waves to Earth and receives echoes. It can take all-weather, round-the-clock, high-resolution microwave pictures of land surfaces.

These satellites will provide high-resolution operational deformation monitoring services to the geological industry, focusing closely on areas such as geology, land, disaster reduction, surveying and mapping, earthquakes, forestry and grasslands.

It will enhance emergency response to major disasters in China, and provide monitoring services in the event of major earthquake disasters and concerning the country's forest and grassland resources.

Test results showed that the satellites are in good condition, work well, and have the conditions necessary for putting them into service.