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Several rockets to conduct maiden flights in 2024
SOURCE: CCTV+     UPDATED: 2024-03-05

Several rockets will make their first flights in 2024, according to a blue book published by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation on Monday.

The country is projected to make about 100 space launch missions this year, and among the launches, the carrier rockets Long March-6C, Long March-12 and a modified version of Long March-8 will make their debut flights.

The Long March-6C is a new single-core two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle with a diameter of 3.35 meters. It can perform a variety of orbital launch missions with single satellite or multiple satellites.

The Long March-12 is China's first single-core stage liquid launch vehicle with a diameter of 3.8 meters. It has a two-stage configuration propelled by six liquid oxygen/kerosene engines.

The new rocket is designed with a carrying capacity of not less than 10 tons in near-Earth orbit and not less than 6 tons in 700-km sun-synchronous orbit, which will improve the country's transport capability in low-orbit satellite constellations and sun-synchronous orbit.

The Long March-12 will be launched in the country's first commercial spacecraft launch site.

A modified version of Long March-8 will also make its first launch show this year. It will be one of the main forces in China's commercial space launch market in the future.

The modified Long March-8 is an improvement of Long March-8. Researchers updated the Long March-8's 3-meter-diameter second stage to 3.35-meter-diameter second stage and updated the engine with higher payload capacity.

The country has developed and launched more than 20 types of Long March-series rockets, and 16 of them are in active service. The Long March family is the pillar of the country's space programs and has fulfilled more than 500 launch missions.