Peaceful Development

CASC always adheres to its mission to explore outer space, learn more about the universe and Earth, use outer space peacefully, promote space civilization and social development, defend national interests, and enhance comprehensive national power. It spares no efforts to ensure that our country’s every major space engineering mission is accomplished successfully, actively promotes space technology to be applied into national economy, explores international market, and advances international cooperation and communication, thus contributing to the progress of space technology, the rise of people's living standard, and the improvement of national comprehensive strength, technological capacity, defense capability and national cohesiveness.

Technology Innovation

As one of the first national innovative enterprises, CASC has strong strength and well-equipped facilities in research and development and has initially established a specialized and open technical innovative system with collaboration among industries, universities and research institutes. Now CASC has 10 national engineering research centers, 12 key laboratories for national defence and technology, 1 national engineering laboratory, 8 system-level R&D centers and over 30 specialized R&D centers, and has won more than 1800 awards at provincial/ministerial level or above.

Environment Protection

CASC actively undertakes its social responsibility. The company researches, develops and promotes new resources, new materials, and energy-saving technology and products, bringing the advantages of aerospace technology into full play. It pursues economic development on the basis of resource conservation, improves the efficiency of resource use, carries out energy saving, emission reduction, and clean production. It develops a low-carbon economy, making efforts to promote the unity of economy, social development and a sustainable future.

Public Welfare

CASC attaches great importance to public welfare activities. The company cares for the poor, helps alleviate poverty in designated areas, makes donations to help develop education, and promotes popular space science among the public, contributing to harmonious social development.